Aug 28- Engaging Women to Develop the Community

Topic: Engaging women to develop the community

Mrs. Chork Sopheap

11:00am-12:00am, Sunday 28.08.2011

Guest speaker; Mrs. Chork Sopheap (Assistance of Cambodia human right center )

[ Voices of Guest speaker]…Go to see the name starting from Setpember 1, 2011. Even though I have not been given my rightful position of duty,  I must help the women who come to verify or register their names, but some names are not on the list or have been erased from the list. I must make a claim [about the irregularity] and help them to register their name for they have rights and can use their rights to vote in this electon.

For monks, if they do not have a nationality card or other documents, I can help to obtain an official paper of residence or a birth certificate from the commune chief. I can also help in other ways, because there will be many different cases.

If you are unable to see your name, you should speak with the chief of your commune or district, because all documents are stored at the commune office.  Sometimes, because of a change in address without informing the authorities, names do not appear on the list. You can bring your family book to your new commune office. If you still have other problems you can discuss with institutions that work on the elections such as: CNEC, COMFREL, NEXTFECT etc. because they have training sessions and informational flyers that talk about conditions and important documents for voters.

If a woman wants to become a candidate to run for the positions of chief of commune or Member of Parliament I think that, the most important conditions are to improve her education, her abilities, and increase her self confidence in order for her to be prepared for a leadership position. Her position will be of a leader who participates in social works and help to develop the society, community and whole country.

According to reports of by some organizations like Comfrel, it is shown that around 18% of women who work as chief of communes face discrimination from men at work. It shows the dangers faced by women in work, because the quality of a woman’s work is questioned [due to her gender],  and shows that women who work as the chief of communes are not given their real job responsibilities from the leader. It makes women feel scared and upset while at work. This is the disavantage for women and it withholds the opportunity for women to work. This case is similar to Mrs. Sokhon’s situation. But the report also shows that about 45% are allowed to work in society because people think that it is easy for women to build networks and to solve problems dealing with: health, birth control and domestic violence. This is the advantage that women have to continue working and reinforce their ability to receive confidence from the authorities.

Finally, I would like to beseech all political parties and the government to please reinforce the policy for empowering women to give them the opportunity to join in politics. Especially, to control the 30% quota of women joining in politics in accordance with the Millennium Development Goals, it is better if greater. Each political party should provide the opportunity to women and eliminate discrimination against them. Moreover, the political party should reinforce their abilities [through education, training etc]  in order to be better prepared for challenges. Network broadcasting helps women understand theirs right to join in politics, discussions in their communes or in other public places.

Next week on Sunday 18 September,2011 FM. 93.5 11.00-12.00am                            Wv-Wc Live discussion on topic ” What does women as chief of commune can do ? ”   Guest speaker, Mrs Seng ChanTho  From Kom Pong Thom Province.                                                                                                                                                                Phone numbers:

  1. 016 237 935
  2. 017 237 935
  3.  097 55 80 350

( Please call in and  tell your name, your location and your question idea or your recommendation after that our staff will call you back)


About Strey Khmer

Vision: For all women and girls in Cambodia to have voices to realize their human rights, to be free from harm, and to be treated equally in every area of their life in their homes and communities, in their work place, and in wider society.
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