Aide for Borei Keila Students

Yesterday, the Strey Khmer team collaborated with the Housing Rights Task Force, Cambodian Teacher‘s Association, and other supporters to help make packets of school supplies for the children who have had difficulties with land evictions in Borei Keila.

Gracious funding received from the Urgent Action Fund and Women Against Violence Everywhere (WAVE) allowed Strey Khmer the opportunity to participate in this event.

Strey Khmer has been working with the women and children in the community throughout the process to help them secure housing and receive promised settlements as well as promoting local women to take on leadership roles during this difficult time.

Some of the Strey Khmer staff constructing the packets.

The crowd of parents and students that gathered at the event.

Children anxiously awaiting their new supplies.

Strey Khmer staff member, Sina, handing out supplies to the students.


About Strey Khmer

Vision: For all women and girls in Cambodia to have voices to realize their human rights, to be free from harm, and to be treated equally in every area of their life in their homes and communities, in their work place, and in wider society.
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