Our Leadership

Our leadership is dedicated to our mission of building women’s networks to support female leaders in Cambodia to represent and advocate for the needs of the society as a whole.

Board Members:

  1. Ms. Chhorn Sokha, Programme Head of Organizing Unit, Center for Alliance of Labour and Human Rights (CENTRAL) – Chair of BoD
  1. Ms. Peou Vanna, Non-formal Education Coordinator of NGO Education Partnership (NEP) – Vice Chair of BoD
  1. Ms. Sorn Chantha, Freelance Consultant – Treasurer of BoD
  1. Ms. Sith Hong Eang, President of Khmer Youth Association (KYA) – Secretary of BoD
  1. Mr. Sia Phearum, Executive Director of Housing Rights Taskforce (HRTF)-BoD member
  1. Ms. Hem Nareth, Master Student of US University – BoD member
  1. Ms. Angie Conroy, Technical Advisor ActionAid International – BoD member





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