Our Mission

We empower women to find and raise their voices and realize their rights by providing space for dialogue, by supporting skills development, and through advocacy and livelihood support.

Mandate and Scope of Work

Strey Khmer is a Cambodian women’s rights organization that supports women to raise their voices and expand their choices. We advocate for women’s equality and human rights to support their inclusion in the development of Cambodia at all levels; along with supporting the development of women’s skills and livelihoods to promote their economic independence.  Key aspects of our work include advocating for women’s leadership and participation within the political processes; and working with partners to end violence against women in Cambodia. This also entails lobbying for the inclusion of ‘state-based violence against women’ within that agenda.

 Key goals

Operational Goals

Income strategy and Donor Development

Building a strong Governance structure

Staff Capacity building

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

 Programming Goals

 Promote Women’s Voices and extend the reach of the Radio Programme

Advocate for women’s rights and equality

Economic Empowerment and Financial Independence for women

Promote Women’s Leadership and Political Participation

Prevention of Violence against Women



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