Get Involved

Strey Khmer needs interns/volunteers from Cambodia and across the world to assist us in our fight for human rights.

Our current needs include:

  • Experienced fundraisers and grant writers
  • Finance and accountancy experts
  • Web design and development, graphic design, development of promotional materials

Applicants must have good oral and written English communication skills. Prior knowledge of Khmer is helpful but not required. Preference is given to volunteers willing  to bring their skills and to contribute to the organization for periods greater than 6 months. For more information, write to: strey_khmer(at)


2 Responses to Get Involved

  1. terry conlan says:

    hey, is there any fee to volunteer with you guys

    i have a few years experience of volunteering —Africa,Thailand,UK, Ireland,USA

    working with kids,homeless, refugees ,woman work, disabilities

    also setting up a charity at the moment

    but my main strengthens are communication skills, and personal development

    • Strey Khmer says:

      Hi! Thanks for writing to us. There is currently no fee to volunteer with Strey Khmer. Please send your CV and a letter of interest to our email address and we will respond shortly!

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