At Strey Khmer we run several projects in multiple areas. With the hope of addressing the manifold layers of women’s rights, we work in coordination with local and international human rights’ groups. We have projects geared toward social and economic empowerment, such as our DEVI microbusinesses, as well as projects focused on legal, land rights and political training in Phnom Penh and Battambang Province.

These activities cause us to run into various issues – all requiring attention and continuous monitoring. Because our team and resources are limited, we have to prioritize. There are many ongoing issues faced by Cambodian women in society, but our current areas of focus are:

  1. Land Rights
  2. Migration
  3. Women in Politics
  4. Violence Against Women
  5. Micro-enterprises and Livelihood Projects

One Response to Issues

  1. Kimsor Oeng says:

    In addition, it is crucial to take in mind the fact that not only the promotion of women’s rights lead to better living conditions of the women, it will also allow for the growth of communities in general.

    As many extraordinary social agents around the world such as Jacqueline Novogratz ( and Greg Mortenson ( speak based on their experiences in fighting poverty, if women are given the help they need to help themselves, they, as opposed to men, are more likely to transfer the knowledge and finances gained from successful projects to their communities, by virtue of their roles as wives, daughters, mothers and grandmothers.

    I congratulate your accomplishments. As a Cambodian, I thank the entire Strey Khmer team. Keep strong and stay positive. Cambodia needs you.

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