Khmer Young Women’s Scholarship and Intern Project

The Khmer Young Women’s Interns Project                  

 Strey Khmer senior staff members and technical advisor are passionate about sharing their knowledge and skills with other young women in Cambodia to build their capacity and improve their opportunities in life. In 2014 we introduced a ‘Khmer Young Women’s Interns Project’ to support young women to access our training and mentoring and coaching (and scholarships) to help them develop their skills and confidence with a view to taking on leadership roles in civil society and within politics in the future. During 2015 eight young women were currently being supported with scholarships to attend colleges and university in (mainly) the capital city Phnom Penh and four young women were receiving direct training and mentoring support from the staff at Strey Khmer. The young women receive training related to all of the skills and knowledge they need for working in a women’s rights NGO in Cambodia and they participate in a number of the networks that Strey Khmer are members of. The interns all contribute towards Strey Khmer’s programme delivery including helping to facilitate the radio programme and supporting the admin and finance functions. The Technical Advisor (volunteer) also provides weekly English lessons.

 Scholarship project

 With the support from Women against Violence Everywhere (WAVE), Strey Khmer staff and interns have been pursuing their education at the universities and other educational institutions in Cambodia (including nursing training). Currently, there are eight young women receiving financial support to further their education. Those include Strey Khmer’s programmes manager (undertaking her Master’s degree at the University of Cambodia), the admin & finance officer, the operations officer/call receiver (an intern), the admin & finance assistant (an intern), and two other volunteers/interns (studying English at the Australian Center for Education). One other volunteer is undertaking her Early Nurse training at Chenla University and another intern in Battambang province is attending the faculty of law at University of Battambang.