Land Evictions Research

The Psychological, Emotional and Economic Impacts of Women facing Land Evictions in Cambodia (Research Project) 

About our Research 

Illegal evictions are forcing women and their families to lose not only their land, but their livelihoods. The economic, social, and psychological tolls of these evictions have severe consequences on the lives of the victims. The impact of these evictions cause lasting damage and greatly interferes with the ability to sustain minimum standards of living. The continued and escalating occurrences of cases not only promote state violence but also directly violate the Cambodian land law.

The increasing numbers of evictions and the one million existing victims make the topic extremely pertinent to all Cambodians. The direct government violation of the existing legislature also adds to the importance of the issue as policy makers need to protest and amend the violations.

Our research will address this problem by interviewing victims across the country to gain an understanding of all aspects of life that have been interrupted due to these evictions. By collecting the experiences of a large sample of women we hope to be able to gain a deep insight into the outcome of land grabbing in Cambodia.

There has been research conducted on the issue in regards to learning the impacts of eviction. Human rights organizations such as LICHADO, the United Nations, Legal Services for Children and Women (LSCW) Community Legal Education Center (CLEC) have produced reports to capture the losses of victims who have had their land taken from them. Our project is unique in the sense that we are not focusing solely on the economic loses and issues that accompany evictions and allows for more intimate interviews.  Our research will build upon previous projects since we will focus not only on economic concessions but a more inclusive survey to help draw light to the total impact victims are faced to deal with.

This qualitative data will help to provide greater depth into identifying all elements of life that are interrupted by forced evictions.

The main objective of this research project is to gain an understanding of the economic, social, physical, and psychological impact that land grabbing has on victims. By designing our research to focus on these issues we hope to gain a holistic view into the impact of land rights violations on women, as well as establish the gaps in the psychological and emotion needs of the women and the current services provided to their communities.

This project is a 6 month initiative funded by Freedom House. It was launched on August 20, 2012.


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