Our Programs

Strey Khmer works directly with Cambodian women to support development in Cambodia. By working directly with grassroots networks, we are able to build long-lasting and meaningful relationships with women in order to strengthen networks and better serve the essential needs of communities.


Over 95% of broadcast media in Cambodia is controlled by the state. Strey Khmer promotes freedom of expression for women through their Voice of Democracy (VOD) broadcasts discussing issues relevant to society, by encouraging discussion at the grassroots levels. Issues discussed on air include: women in leadership, politics, migration, and land rights.

Crisis Relief

In the event of emergency situations, Strey Khmer provides immediate financial and in-kind support to women within their community networks. SK has been able provide food, financial support for health care, school scholarships, cellphone cards, and transportation stipends to women and their families who have faced losses and/or been relocated by forced land evictions.

Land Rights

Economic Land Concessions (ELCs) claim over 50% of all Cambodian arable land. Over 150 000 Cambodians are remain at risk of being affected by concessions. Hundreds of thousands of villagers have already lost their homes, land and livelihoods as a result of land concessions given private corporations. Strey Khmer offers immediate support to women and their families in ELC designated areas by training them about their basic rights, and offering support to evicted and relocated families.

Labour Rights

With an estimated 270,000 Cambodians entering the job market annually, many people are unable to obtain employment within the nation. Limited access to jobs and resources forces over 50,000 Cambodians to search for employment in neighboring countries each year. Strey Khmer is helping Cambodian women to make more educated choices about overseas job selection, as well as preparing them on their rights and the responsibilities of their employers to ensure a safe transition and employment.

Women in Leadership

Over 52% of Cambodia’s population is female, and 53% of eligible voters are women. However, as a result of traditional Cambodian norms and an overall imbalance between women and men in society place a low value on women. The majority of politicians are men, and there is little room for female participation in the political realm. Strey Khmer supports women through leadership training sessions, focus groups, radio listener clubs and radio broadcasts, to encourage women to engage in politics and leadership positions in their communities.


Strey Khmer has provided loans and business training to women in the community in order to start up their own enterprises. Women have successfully been able to establish, sustain, and grow their businesses as a result of these foundational loans and support.


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