Women’s Voices-Women’s Choices Radio

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About Women’s Voices, Women’s Choices (WV-WC) Radio Programme

Women are often passive actors caught in traditional roles and functions. In Cambodia, women’s networks have been instrumental in mobilizing women to enter politics at the grassroots level, but the critical and vital voice of women remains silent. Rare moments of expression and action by women are often undermined. Existing women’s radio programs and documentaries frequently choose to portray women as victims of violence, and therefore helpless and hopeless.

Women’s Voices, Women’s Choices, or “Samleng Strey” in the Khmer language was starting 2009 and uses media as a platform for women to voice their concerns and advocate for their rights on issues that impact their lives. Women will be heard as decision-makers and will suggest concrete solutions for development of policy and legislation to improve their lives.

The main objectives of WV-WC are to: 

▪ Provide women the opportunity to communicate among each other and to the public

▪ Involve women, raise issues relevant to women’s lives, and offer answers to decision-makers and society

▪ Provide technical support for women who are in the media and to encourage more women to enter the field of media.

Each week we chose topics related to women’s lives. The radio host processed to facilitate a discussion with guest speakers live on air. The public is encouraged to call in, ask questions and add to the conversations with the guest speakers.

While Cambodian women are involved in the media, they are few and far between. Society still undervalues women’s voices. Therefore, the live call-in program is a unique opportunity for women to develop speaking skills and increase knowledge regarding issues relevant to their lives.

The hour long program is aired on a weekly basis and addresses topics including, but not limited to, the following: health, education, livelihoods, small business, gender-based violence, women’s rights, land rights, housing, environment, safety and security, HIV/AIDS, legislation, women and disabilities.

WV-WC is generously supported by the Heinrich Böll Foundation.


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